SITE (2006)

The purpose of SITE exhibition (co-curated with Elpida Karaba and Anne-Laure Oberson) as the central part of the Kodra 06 Visual Arts Event was to re-examine the parameters of site-specific works through a contemporary perspective. Therefore new works and projects by emerging artists in Greece were produced (for the first time within the context of the particular event).
Site, whether physical, social, political or psychological, was the starting point for creating a sphere of dialogue, agreement and antagonism, between audiences, curators and artists in order to investigate what kind of subjects all parties involved are. All participating artists, whether working site-specifically or in their studio have followed the collaborative mind frame of the project. Obviously Resonances and correspondences between all the works or chains of works have been developed. Throughout the “making” of this exhibition these relations have been exposed and reflected in the final pieces. The ultimate goal was to create an exhibition that fully takes in consideration - from beginning to end - the experience and participation of the viewer, who will be asked to use, modify or even reject the final product.