AN OUTING (2006)

The exhibition AN OUTING (2006) presents a significant group of works by younger Greek arists selected from the Beltsios Collection. The exhibition was held in an 19th century old factory in the city of Trikala in central Greece. The Beltsios Collection is an non profit organisation. Main focus of its collecting, archiving and exhibiting activity is the presentation of Modern and Contemporary art in Greece. Beltsios Collection concentrates historical works of the second half of the 20th century up to present time.
The exhibition AN OUTING is the outcome of the organic development of the collection, of the incessant quest and its enrichment with works by first appearing artists but also earlier ones, born between 1950 and 1980. The artists are presented in a common dynamic, yet with varied visual vocabulary and idiosyncrasies. Furthermore, they constitute new concepts and tendencies of the art produced in Greece today, by suggesting new points of vision and perspectives in artistic creation. The majority of them, if not all, have studied or have lived in minor or major artistic centers abroad and find themselves in networks of discourse and exchange with them. This is to be found in the thematic points of reference and medium specificity, which is presented in their works.
Aim of the exhibition was not only to present, document and support the newest production in the field of visual arts in Greece but to create specific narratives including the personal character of the given collection and the specificity of the exhibition space.
(texts from the exhibition catalogue)

All images by Stephen Riolo

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