BEAUTY IS THE METHOD Art Gallery of DEREE The American College of Greece (2015)

The exhibition showcases works, which appear to be poetic images of pure beauty, or conceptual-formal abstractions. Understanding a work of art as a beautiful, mathematical formalization (Badiou), or as an ‘affective hardware’ (Kittler), means to oppose art to the powerful industries of the Imaginary, making poiesis the proper ideological counterbalance to current aestheticized, relativist and historizing notion of culture. In this regard works of art offer subtle, rebellious and in the same time truthful dispositivs of art (formulae, metaphors, poetic imagery, figures of speech).
The heuristic devise of an exhibition, which tries to bring people together and inspire them to act, wants to set a mark towards this goal, while presenting works of art in an idiosyncratic way. It aims at making a step forward towards establishing a manifesto on dispositivs of truth in the art of today.