Enter Views on Crisis is an on-going project with the overall objective of decoding, analyzing and mapping crisis, in order to understand it, suggest solutions and multiply questions, through critique, production of scientific and artistic knowledge and creativity.
The project functions as an open devise, comprising various types of interdependent and intertwining activities, such as academic workshops, interdisciplinary scientific research, public presentations, publications, artistic research and production.
The project focuses on the interview format, as art form, means of communication and  source of information. An archive of interviews will be created through the establishment of a network of creative partners throughout Europe.
The various project elements, such as the interviews archive and the process of their production, the art works - interpretations of the project findings and the outcomes of the research carried out, will be presented through a roadshow using various public presentation formats (mobile microarchitecture, traveling exhibition, video recording studio operating as a media sculpture, performances, documentary film and others) throughout Europe.