The group exhibition my dear deer presents works by five emerging international artists, whose work negotiates gender identity and desire. The works take a critical stance towards fixations, fetishizations and the ideological instrumentalization of «gendered» identity. These particular queer versions of lifestyle and practices of social interaction play the role of a critical gaze towards the hegemonic heteronormative discourse and the stereotypes, which tend to preclude every different articulation of gendered identity. The exhibition title functions as a playful and personal curatorial commentary on the endless search for the desirable "other", in the way in which this other is articulated in context of identity art. By highlighting next to gendered inscriptions the structural aspects of human condition, such as the vulnerable, the memory and the desire the works of the exhibition pose also a critical question about the current glorifying affirmation of identity. It is also a subtle critique of the obsessions and fetishizations of men and women who instrumentalize ideologically its gendered dimension. Queer aesthetics –however diverse they might be- consist of different versions of the erotic gaze, of the fetishizing desire, of the loss and at the same time the interventionist staging of the self in interaction with others. In this sense the visual iconography that includes, for example, a specific dress-code and style, or a specific mise-en-scene of the gaze in reference to gender identity are symptoms of the same law of desire. Nevertheless it is a subtle critique on the essence of "difference" of both nature and sensitivity of gay and lesbian desire.